Marketing Diversity: My Experience Interning at Temple’s Office of IDEAL

Hello! My name is Bilen and I am currently a sophomore at Temple University. I am an Advertising major with a recently declared concentration in Account Management and a minor in Business. This school year I have been interning at the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership located at the center of campus in Tuttleman as their Marketing and Social Media Intern.

The position entailed managing the social media accounts for the office and developing copy on the different events occurring and resources offered to students. Throughout my time here I’ve been able to develop key marketing skills such as developing copy, content strategy, and interviewing skills. I also gained collaboration skills because I worked alongside another student with the same position so we could bounce ideas off of one another.

I was able to attend lots of events sponsored by the office where we would interact with students and promote it on social media. It was also fun to see the behind-the-scenes for the major events such as the Drag Show or the Silent party. Also, I saw the effort from different departments in the office and their roles in making these events successful. We were also able to conduct interviews of other positions in the office such as the Title IX coordinator and develop a write-up that would be in the Idealist Magazine.

Going into this internship I did not have much experience in the marketing field. However, I believe interning at IDEAL was a great introduction into the marketing field. It helped me gain important skills but also encouraged me to want to gain more technical skills within the field. I am grateful for the time I’ve spent here and am excited to utilize what I’ve learned in my future endeavors in the marketing field!

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