Minority Leadership! – Comcast Launches 4 New Networks

Comcast announce its plans to make a change in the cable television network by launching  4 NEW networks! Starting soon as early in April 2012!

The headliners are Magic Johnson (retired professional basketball player), P. Diddy (entrepreneur), Robert Rodriguez (film director), and Constantino “Said” Schwarz (Spanish language tv veteran)

What’s more important is the minority representation!

Johnson will lead a network called Aspire, a program focusing on African Americans and their inspirations. Diddy’s network, Revolt, will also focus on African Americans, but its content will be primarily about the music industry and its news. Rodriguez’s network, El Rey, will focus on the Latino audience with a new production company. Schwarz’s network, BabyFirstAmericas, will focus on quality education for young children.

This type of change will definitely attract more diverse viewers of the American population. 

I am really excited about this because I believe minority is an issue that is still lacking in the cable network areas and advertising in general. Whether its Asian Americans, Latinos, or African Americans, I like to see more of diversity represented in the future instead of a smaller percent. Hopefully, with the new networks, people will be inspired to do so!

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