Mad Men Sundays


Mad Men fans waited in anticipation for the premiere of Mad Men last night on AMC. Now that the ad junkie show is back on, what should we do each week when we all gather together to celebrate? Throw an official Mad Men party with the help of their branded online party planner.

The planner actually helps you keep track of everything you would need to stay happy and dapper during your time with Mr. Draper. Start off the planning with their hand picked electronic invitation templates to get your guests ready for the viewing party. Next up, plan the perfect food and cocktail menu for guests to enjoy, particularly designed to make you feel like you’re in the time of mad men.

They have every detail covered as they also include tips on decorating your apartment, suggestions on what to wear, what music will best fit the mood, and fun games to play together at the party to build up the momentum for the show. Overall it’s an excuse for ad and show lovers to gather together every Sunday to share some cocktails and watch their favorite AMC drama unfold.

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