I almost forgot to blog about this one. Of all the commercials I’ve seen this summer I think this one is the most on target. Almost immediately, a bunch of commercials popped in my head when I first saw it. Even beyond commercials I had a nostalgic moment. I remember being a kid and watching Weird Science the TV show one Saturday afternoon on USA (perhaps the Best Buy spot even pays homage to Vanessa Angel pause @0:50/0:59). It’s not unusual for a guy to have a fantasy about a woman, but throughout popular culture the geek has always been associated with a woman of a “different kind.”

Remember this spot from Citibank’s Identity Theft campaign? That guy wanted a girl robot. Or how about G4TV’s Digital Goddess? Throughout the spots and Weird Science the theme is consistent. Each geek would much rather have a woman who understands him rather than just any woman even if she’s not real. I couldn’t find a relevant video, but just one year after Weird Science came out (1985) “Meatballs 3: Summer Job” had a pornstar from beyond the grave offering advice.

“It’s not a doll! It’s an action figure!”

Like I said, this commercial is so spot on it really doesn’t need any further explanation. I just thought it was cool that the theme is alive and well even after all this time. If anything, it can only get better from here. Best Buy should run with it!