Art & Copy: An Independent Lens

I watched something cool on PBS recently, that I think everyone will find to be very interesting! Check out “Art & Copy: An Independent Lens.” It’s an extremely interesting documentary about Advertising in which you “find out how they [the major faces in advertising] changed the way we see, feel, dream, buy. The story behind the real mad men and women; where they came from and where they’re taking us.” This film will be of especial interest to those of you who are communications majors, AND even those individuals who have nothing to do with advertising, but want to watch a really awesome documentary! Watch the trailer for the film here!
Cool reference: Advertising is poison gas–it should cheer you up, choke you, give you the chills, and maybe make you pass out when you watch it.
As an individual of the creative field, I can identify with this concept quoted from the film:
“The thing about being a creative person, is that you can’t necessarily explain where your thoughts came from then, nor can you predict where they are going to come from tomorrow.”

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