Soda’s So Stylish

The soda and beer industry are using a variety of new methods to promote their low-cal variations of beverages. Two “cans” that stand out especially are Michelob Ultra, and the newest 10-calorie Dr Pepper TEN. Michelob, known as one of the lowest calorie beers on the market, now has cans that are tall and thin, as opposed to the standard stout, cylinder cans we have all always known. This method of advertising is subtle and clever, as it implies skinniness without having to say it; it is recognized every time someone picks up the can to take a sip.

A second low-cal beverage that is taking a unique approach to it’s advertising is the 10 bold calories Dr. Pepper, which is being strongly advertised towards men. Check out this commercial for it! It’s over-the-top manliness, with the straight forward disclaimer at the end– “It’s not for girls!

In the same way that it’s unlikely that you would see a man drinking a skinny Michelob Ultra, a diet soda had to BEG acceptance among men. Why such a stigma about men drinking low calorie drinks, in a society where we are fully aware of the detriments that obesity have on the human body? Why does a commercial for diet soda need to state simply “NOT FOR GIRLS” to try to make it acceptable for men to drink it? Here is an article about the new Dr. Pepper Ten, for those who are interested in reading more about it!

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