Within the first few weeks of my internship, I have helped with a lot of different tasks.  I have updated the Pathways to Housing Pa website in small ways.  I have monitored a campaign and written social media shout outs, and emails for the donors.  I also wrote a press release within my first week.  I have done a lot of little things but in the end it is important because these things need to be done in order to make things happen.

I am proud of the work that I have done at Pathways to Housing Pa.  I am mostly proud of the fact that my manager and the CEO of the organization took my idea for something as simple as a center piece for an upcoming event.  Yes I know this is not something spectacular but it meant a lot to have the CEO walk into the office and congratulate me on such a good idea.  The idea was as simple as having a bird house (the theme is homecoming which makes sense to have a house) as a center piece but it is something that was never thought of.

From that moment, any confidence that I lacked or fear of messing up went away because I knew that one idea made an impression.  That’s the thing I like most about my internship, they have trust in everyone including their interns to come up with good ideas and deliver good work.  And if you get stuck, someone is always there to help you.