I’m a digital marketing intern at Seer Interactive in Northern Liberties. Seer is a digital marketing agency that primarily specializes in SEO, Paid Media + Analytics. My workload is split down the line between SEO and Paid, but surprisingly (surprising to myself, this practice is actually pretty normal) I found myself focusing my off-hours on cross-divisional analyses on Power BI.

Data visualization is never something I previously had an interest in, or rather, something I didn’t believe I was capable of – but that’s the beauty of Seer. It’s a community of super-smart individuals who are devoted to empowering each other to be their best self and find their niche.

I’m happy to say I’ve found mine, and can’t express enough gratitude for my team that helped me get to this point. It’s been an experience (to say the least) navigating this past semester between graduation and COVID-19, but Seer has provided an incredible sense of security through it all.

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