Hi all, my name is Anastasia Garraway, and I am a senior advertising student with a track in account management. This summer, I interned at RVSA Advertising as a social media intern. During the internship, I was responsible for creating social media posts and some social media advertisements for four clients. Throughout the course of the internship, I mainly created posts for Facebook and Instagram.

I was very excited to begin this internship due to the fact that it was social media based. This experience has also inspired me to search for careers in social media marketing upon the completion of my degree. There were many positive aspects of the business that I discovered while interning for RVSA. Some of those would be that I was able to complete a lot of work remotely from home as opposed to just the office. Another thing would be that the diversity of the clients allows you to gain the ability to adapt to and create relevant content for each clients’ target audience.

My experience at my internship was very pleasant and eye-opening. I have come to learn many new things pertaining to social media marketing during the course of my time at RVSA. I would also say that my experience was mainly everything that I thought it would be, while also imparting new information and experiences on me that I would not have expected. A few things that I may have done differently is that I would have inquired more about the company as a whole, as I only learned about the social media department. Overall, this experience has been beneficial and rewarding as I am ready to use my degree and begin my career in advertising!