October 2010

Try it out.

After interning for a handful of companies, it was important for me to actually choose an internship in my senior year that I would enjoy. I had previously interned for a major production company, a small agency, and some other businesses, and although I learned a great deal from each internship, i was beginning to wonder if  the field I studied for four years was what I actually expected. It was to late to change my major, and even if I could change it and graduate on time, there was something about my courses that I loved.

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Korean Air: Excellence in Flight

I was up earlier than usual a couple of days ago (4AM) and I saw what I knew right away would be a cool commercial. In my sleep daze I got a bit excited to see what the brand was and it turned out to be Korea Air. Lightbulb! I remembered seeing what I considered to be the best airline spot ever some time last year. It was indeed Korea Air, but I’d forgotten all about it. Naturally I tracked it down to see it again and it’s just as good as I remember. The feeling hit me almost instantly, like I need to get out of here! It was so sophisticated (like me). It was too good to be an airline spot.  I literally had a knee-jerk reaction and a good laugh “like GTFOH!”

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"Free" Stuff

GUEST BLOGGER: Keith Flanagan—keith.flanagan@temple.edu

My shared cubicle at Comcast-Spectacor is conveniently located next to the 76ers sales department. I say convenient only because the endless ringing of telephones and sales pitches combined with a steady stream of coffee tends to keep the average college intern with their eyes wide open. Although my specific responsibilities have little to do with sales, I get an interesting perspective; listening to sales go up and down, being directly next to the company’s financial heartbeat.

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This Week at TAC: ReminderMedia Recruiter Visit!

This week’s general body meeting featured a visitor from Reminder Media, Andrea “Andy” Hartfield. Reminder Media is a small business specializing in Sales and Communications in Real Estate. They mainly work with real estate companies, mortgage brokers, and financial advisors. Their flagship product is the American Lifestyle magazine, which is tailored specifically for clients interests and needs.

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