The most common question people have when starting a career in any field is, “When do I get an internship?”  Some people will tell you to wait until your junior year.  I say, “Why wait?”

If you have an idea of what career path you want to take, start finding internships early on in your college career.  Some of the best career advice I received was my freshman year was from a senior PR and Communications double major.

While shelving books at our part time job and making conversation to pass the time I asked, “So, when do you think I should start looking for my first internship? Junior year? Is that too…”

She immediately interrupted me, “It’s never too early. When do you start? Start now.” And start I did.

I made a goal for myself and didn’t stop until I succeeded.  My first goal was to get a copywriting internship.  However, I knew those would be hard to come by without experiences or a book.  So, I started looking for any kind of communication or marketing internship just to get my foot in the door.

After, two internships (one in PR and one in Marketing) I finally took a stab at applying to copywriting internships.  I knocked and hammered on over 20 doors before one finally opened to me.  Yet, I didn’t stop there.  I made new goals for myself.

Everything I did was a stepping stone to get me where I wanted to be in the end.  Now, I’ve had job offers for after graduation and numerous recommendations to back-up my experiences.  Why? Because I didn’t wait to get an internship.  I made the most of my college years, and took the much needed time to build my network and gain experience.