LevLane: Client Updates & Awards

I think one of the most important things to do as an intern is keep up with the new clients that your company is signing on and with the rewards they are receiving.

LevLane has three new client relationships; Philadelphia Financial, KFC Atlanta, and KFC Houston.  KFC Atlanta consists of 103 comapany and franchised restaurants.  KFC Houston consists of 88 company and franchised restaurants.

Now LevLane works with over 400 KFC restaurants from New England to South Florida, and west to Houston.

LevLane was awarded for their “Unlitter Us” campaign for the Philadelphia Recycling Office.  We have received national recognition and are the recipient of The Rogers National Media Award, at the Keep America Beautiful National Conference. This is a great accomplishment in which LevLane yet again is giving back to the community through great advertising concepts.

As for advice for other interns, keep up with this kind of information because not only is it important to support the company you’re interning for, but it’s great knowledge to have while in an interview.  As for advice for students looking for internships you should really research the companies you would like to intern with and make sure it’s a place that you can be proud to put on your resume.  With LevLane’s great accomplishments I will certainly be proud to put LevLane on my resume and can’t wait to gain more experience while here!

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