3D isn't just for Movies

A new trend is rising, but is it really new?

Remember as a kid when you read your favorite kiddie magazine or comic in 3D, well we’re all grown now and so have our magazine preferences (hopefully). However that doesn’t mean you can’t read your favorite magazine in 3D.

This past June, Playboy shipped out its first 3D edition with glasses included of course.

Maxim is following suit with the 3D trend this October.

Companies like McDonalds are supporting this trend with ads in magazines featuring 3D spreads or articles reviewing 3D movies i.e. Fortune.

Jeffery Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks predicts, “consumers will soon invest in 3D glasses the way they used to invest in a pair of bowling shoes”.

For the past year, 3D has been dominating the movie theater and is on its way to homes on the small screen.  Will 3D become a staple in mass media even with the support of advertising?

More 3D in magazines: https://globalgrind.com/channel/culture/content/1768219/hip-hop-weekly-celebrates-100th-issue-in-3d-exclusive/

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