One of the best parts about interning at MOD Worldwide is its location and the many local clients they have. Being able to walk down the block to take pictures of a new property for a realty company’s website, or hand delivering a proposal is surprisingly satisfying.  Not only is it gratifying for being so hands-on, but you also get a sense of being a part of the Philly business community.  MOD works largely with local upscale realty properties, like 10 Rittenhouse and The Ayer Condominiums. With clients literally blocks away, MOD is able to accomplish a lot of things, including maintaining a close and open relationship with their clients, the ability to address any issues promptly and efficiently,and to deliver work at a faster rate. Not many agencies would make use of their location in terms of client-agency relations, but MOD does, and I believe the benefits of doing so are clear considering their success.

This kind of dynamic environment had been very exciting and rewarding to be a part of. Prior to this semester, I had been set on looking outside of Philly (way outside, like California outside) for a post-graduation job. I felt like the west coast or a bigger city like Minneapolis would have more to offer me not only in the advertising art direction field, but in graphic design as well, something I have teetered on entering for a while now.  After only being at MOD for month, I am already falling more and more in love with the city and working in it. For any ad student out there set on running to NYC or LA after they graduate, I highly recommend giving Philly a chance first.