TED Comes To Philadelphia!

It’s the moment that many creatives in the Philadelphia area have been waiting for, TED is holding a conference right here in the city of brotherly love.

For those who are unfamiliar “TED is a non profit devoted to Ideals Worth Spreading.” The organization holds conferences every so often bring together creative minds with backgrounds in design, entertainment and technology. The mission of TED is to use the power of ideas in lieu of changing attitudes, lives and hopefully the world.

The conference in Philadelphia is set to happen November 18, 2010 at The Perelman Theater (Located in the Kimmel Center for the performing Arts)

For more information about the event, check out the official TEDxPhilly website.

Get involved
Though actually attending the event as a guess may not a tangible task for most students, there are ways to get involved and possibly meet some of Philadelphia’s most influential creators.

You can apply to be a TEDxPhilly Volunteer here
If you have access to some screen printing materials you can enter you concept for a program cover for the event’s theme “Right Here, Right Now” by going here


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