The Changing State of Media

With the changes in technology the way media is bought and sold is quite different then how it once was. It seems as though everything is moving more toward the interactive side and certain mediums are suffering because of this. This change of technology is something that I have been learning in all of my advertising classes, so it does not shock me. When I titled this blog “The Changing State of Media” I was not referring to the actual media, but moreso the media professionals.

It seems as though every time I get to my internship and go through my emails there is another person who has decided to leave to the company and decided to venture off into other directions. I think it is fascinating that it is not a field where the majority of people stay around for the majority of their career. The professionals seem to put in a couple of years at one company and then go off to another company and try to put in a couple of years there, and probably will then switch to another job. There are various reasons why they leave. Sometimes they leave because it’s better for their family. Sometimes they leave because their new job is closer to home. Sometimes they just want a new job either to enhance their career, or just for a change of pace. Some people leave and just venture into different fields altogether. It is very interesting. I wonder if my career will take on the same patterns…

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