Temple Ad Club has joined the blog!

Hey everyone! My name is Katie Killian and I am the Communications Director of TAC. We have decided to join this blog to see what everyone else has been up to, as well as to inform you guys of some things going on in our club. Very exciting!

TAC has some fun things going on this year. So far, we have visted Philly Sound Stage, (one of the only production studios in Philadelphia – so much fun!) We have also had the pleasure of Cyde Arcano from the Philly Ad Club Mentoring program and Doodle Advertising join one of our meetings. One of our meetings thus far has even been dedicated to the art direction track, helping those students in the track gain more insight.

Our club has a lot planned for the next few weeks. We pride ourselves in visiting ad agencies and even have them come to some of our meetings. Reminder Media and Ogilvy are some of our upcoming guests. We are very excited to have them come!

I will keep you updated with what is going on with TAC! 🙂


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