TAC Meetings

Yesterday, TAC members got to enjoy a Q&A panel about internships from its very own members. The panel was very informative and diverse. From internships in Philly, to Chicago, and even Australia, the insights were invaluable. A few tips I picked out:

Take initiative– make projects for yourself or just do something without asking, it shows a lot about your character and drive.

Do the dirty work– no one likes busy work, but YOU are there for a reason. You have to work your way up even if you don’t like doing certain work.

Paid internships exist!– you just have to look and be diligent.

Where to find internships: Craigslist was mentioned as a good tool to look for internships (*remember you have to be diligent!). Also, Owl Network through the Career Center is good for searching internships as well. Just log in, make a profile, and upload your resume.

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