This Week at TAC: ReminderMedia Recruiter Visit!

This week’s general body meeting featured a visitor from Reminder Media, Andrea “Andy” Hartfield. Reminder Media is a small business specializing in Sales and Communications in Real Estate. They mainly work with real estate companies, mortgage brokers, and financial advisors. Their flagship product is the American Lifestyle magazine, which is tailored specifically for clients interests and needs.

After learning about Reminder Media as a company, Andy also talked about the internship program. Internships at Reminder Media are ideal for students who want to own their businesses, and improve their persuasion and sales techniques. The program ranges from 12-16 weeks depending if it’s a summer, spring or fall internship and they are paid internships!

If you are interested in Reminder Media, check out the contact info below and make connections! They are recruiting now!

Andrea Hartfield “Recruiter” 610-878-5000 | |

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