Baby Carrots baby!

I’m not sure if this will really catch on especially with the hard sell. The overall campaign can make good conversation for Intro to Advertising.

Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food! “Baby Carrots” is a healthy eating campaign aimed at teens and other young people. The psychographics are divided up into 3 spots including: indulgent, future, and extreme. Personas are key when targeting a wide demographic especially since teens wear their them on their sleeves. While there’s going to be some overlapping, I think these 3 are a good start.

I think the break down would look something like this…

Indulgent: kids with money, preppies, cool and popular, sophisticated, jocks and cheerleaders

Extreme: athletic, skaters, musicians, outdoorsy, jocks and cheerleaders, adrenaline junkies

Future: geeks, kids with money, drama club, A/V club, gamers, sophisticated, goths?

Teens can be very sheepish. This sort of advertising tries to hook the right trendsetters in hopes that others will follow. I originally heard about the campaign on the evening news (NBC). Some schools will be getting “Baby Carrots” vending machines. What’s most interesting is that these spots don’t waste any time on kids who are already conscious of healthy eating. I’ve known a person or 2 who has carried a small snack bag of baby carrots, but I’m not sure if this will really catch on especially with the hard sell. I would like to see more “indulgent” spots though. The overall campaign can make good conversation in Intro to Advertising.

Also, I got an interesting error message from the main site. I have add-ons that block all scripts, trackers, and referrers. I have to enable each site and each script manually. I’m used to it. Rarely is there a customized message like this telling me to upgrade my flash player.


  1. Anthony, I had not seen this campaign until your blog post. I especially love their use of the branded error message! Do you know what agency is responsible for this work?

  2. From the news story I saw (I can’t find the video or remember the segment), the issue was whether it was ethical to sell nutrition to teens at the cost of sex. I look at it as though it certainly can’t make things any worse so why not have fun with it. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    Anyone remember this Kim Kardashian Carl’s Jr. ad?

    There was another cool… less suggestive salad dressing ad that came out last year, but I forget which brand.

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