Hi! My name is Elle Chung and I am a senior graduating May 2019 majoring in Advertising

Hi! My name is Elle Chung and I am a senior graduating May 2019 majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Art Direction. I started interning at Limone Creative, a women-led creative agency, in NYC this past August and accepted their offer to carry on my internship through this semester. After this Fall semester ends, I will be freelancing for Limone! I feel incredibly thankful to have gotten experience at such a unique creative agency and learned a great deal the past couple of months.

At Limone, I learned that, as a designer, you must learn how to create solutions for clients through visual and strategic methods, keep up with trends in brands and the art world, step out of your comfort zone, stay hungry to learn, and accept any and all challenges. There are many skills and aspects of design that you will learn along your journey, but you must be willing to take on whatever challenge comes your way in order to truly grow as a designer. At Limone, I was given the opportunity to directly consult with clients and create advertisements, Instagram content, logos, websites, flyers, and signage for them. This experience helped me learn how to communicate with clients and elevate the visions they have for their brands with design. I am so blessed to have worked with and to continue working with truly unique clients of all different professions.

My experience with Limone Creative was everything and more than I thought it would be and continues to be nothing short of amazing. Bianca Monica, Founder, and Greer Temnick, Account Manager, inspire me to be a strong and independent woman in the creative field everyday. I cannot wait to continue to do what I love and keep growing as a designer.

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