15 Minutes of Fame

15 Minutes Of FameMy last week of interning at CBS 3 has made its way here and has given me such a bittersweet feeling. Since my last posting I have performed even more tasks and even made it to live TV!-My appearance was not intentional FYI… So where do I begin? Well, in addition to the continuous shadowing of Account Executives and learning more and more about the digital and television sales industry, I also had the great opportunity to work during the Ronald McDonald phone bank charity event that was broadcast on live TV. This was such an exciting experience and I worked with the station’s Program Director and Marketing team amidst a busy and fast-paced time. If my multi-tasking skills were ever tested, this was a sure way of proving that I’m all intact.  My responsibilities included keeping track of gift cards distributed to designated callers, quickly collecting log sheets from participating companies who were sponsors, and also answering the phones while the cameras were rolling. To top the event off, I unknowingly was being filmed on live TV during one of the phone segments. After receiving a few screenshots via text message from friends and family of myself plastered on TV, I realized I had officially received my fifteen minutes of fame! Another exciting event that I had the opportunity of being a part of was the casting call for the TV show ‘Big Brother’. For this event I traveled to Atlantic City with the Marketing team and spent a full day working there. My responsibilities included making sure each applicant properly filled out their waiver forms and making sure they were properly registered for taping their audition. I must say the potential cast members were a very eclectic group of people however it was exciting to be a part of their first step into the world of reality TV. From meeting the front desk receptionist to meeting the Chief Manager of the television station I am grateful to have met ALL of the wonderful people at CBS 3 who truly made my internship a remarkable experience. It will be sad to leave such an amazing workplace however I do look forward to other opportunities I hope to have in store.  I learned an abundance of information from a team of people who are some of the best professionals in the Philadelphia area. I plan to stay on track in pursuing my goals in the television advertising industry and apply all of the wisdom given to me by such an amazing group.

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