One of my favorite Ads featured during the Super bowl was the Hershey commercial. Hershey used ethos with storytelling, creating a father-daughter experience that is “so sweet” that it has to be Hershey.  The slogan after the commercial is “Hello Happy. Hello Hershey.”, saying that with the deliciousness of Hershey chocolates comes moments of happiness that are utterly too sweet and too happy to just look past. With use of the Super bowl, Hershey is definitely going to stir up a lot of emotions. The commercial will affect all families who share sweet memories like that of the father and daughter. All the daughter wants is to spend a little quality time with her father, over a tasty s’mores treat. Overall, the Hershey brand was successful in conveying their message, starting the story out with a question, wondering what the girl is doing with her jar of money. Thus, pulling the audience in to figure out what this girl is up to, how it relates to her dad, and most importantly, what brand is it? Not until the end do we realize it’s the brand Hershey explaining how important being together is in this fast-paced world. We need to slow it down for Hershey s’mores with the family.