Puppy Monkey Baby

Puppy Monkey Baby,Puppy Monkey Baby,Puppy Monkey Baby!

Puppy Monkey Baby…. Puppy Monkey Baby…Puppy Monkey Baby, Puppy Monkey Baby,Puppy Monkey Baby,Puppy Monkey Baby!. Somehow this three words have been ringing in my head, with a picture of the puppy monkey baby flashing on and off as I sing it. The Puppy Monkey Baby commercial that Mountain Dew showed during Superbowl 50, has gone viral, dividing the audience into those who were absolutely disgusted and those who found it absolutely hilarious.  Basically the brand used a creature composed of 1/3 puppy, 1/3 monkey and 1/3 baby to emphasize how the product has combined all dew, juice and caffeine in one can. They used the Superbowl to air out this ad because they knew  the weirdness that came with the idea of a singing puppy monkey baby would capture A LOT of attention. They knew it would go VIRAL. And it has since. People have been hashtagging #Puppymonkeybaby on Twitter, IG and Facebook expressing their opinions on the ad. Some were positive, and some were negative but nether less,  it got a lot of attention and around 17 million of views online. Many admitted the room of football fans to go silent when the commercial came on, following up with a “what the f@%k?” question after. If you ask my opinion , I would say the brand was pretty successful with  this ad. I realized this, as me and my roommates couldn’t stop shouting Puppy Monkey Baby for another hour after watching the commercial. Another reason why I think this campaign was successful was because it got people more curious about it , capturing their attention only to find out that the point of it was to compare three awesome things; puppy, monkey and a baby in one to show the new Mountain Dew featuring all three awesome things combined; dew, juice and caffeine.

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