Philadelphia Housing Authority

I wanted to learn and take something out of it my internship; Philadelphia Housing Authority gave me that opportunity.

My name is Steven Vizirov, I am a Junior at Temple, and I am interning with the Philadelphia Housing Authority at the Suffolk Manor location for the ‘Summer One’ Semester in 2017. During this internship, I’ve learned, and am still learning so much, varying from the things between my major, the things within work, and even a few things about myself. The most important thing to me as I got into this internship was learning from it, and taking something out of it. Although it hasn’t been long into it, it has opened my eyes in many different ways and has made me appreciate everything from the little things to the big things in life. The branch in PHA that I work with is in the property management part where I help out with the residents first hand. All of the residents are in subsidized housing. I have done everything from take in the residents’ rent, interview applicants, and even done housekeeping inspections which has led to longer conversations with some residents, to better relationships. Not only have the residents made an impact in my life, but even the 3 other people I work with: My boss, Ms. Dawn, and the two maintenance men Billy, and Juan, have made very big impacts as well in the short amount of time I have known them. See,  I came into this internship hoping that I would learn a lot about advertising and working a real life job. As much as I am so far, I’ve learned a lot more about myself, and different perceptions of life as well. I have learned that I should appreciate everything that I have and to not look a gift horse in the mouth, and not take things for granted. These are just a few samples of the things I have learned, but everything seems to help me mature more and realize, and understand. These are lessons that can’t be taught.

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