As the first month of my internship passed, I found myself working in numerous departments. I was often assigned to work in the direct response department. The DR department works with ads that feature a call-to-action. I found it interesting how these ads successes are determined by lead generation, or the amount of people calling the 1800 number or visiting a website. For one project, I helped in figuring out why a client’s leads were decreasing from the previous year. I made sure the correct 1800 numbers were running on the correct spots in the right markets.


This is the “intern room” at Harmelin Media. As many as five interns would be working in this room so it got pretty crowded. However, I met many other interns in this room from different schools. We often talked about different projects we were assigned. The working environment at Harmelin Media was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I would constantly receive emails from Harmelin employees about different social events that were going on during and after work. One afternoon I went to a viewing party for the US vs. Germany world cup game. Harmelin also rented a food truck one day for its employees.



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