May 2011

Do’s & Don’t’s

Logo Attempt 99Today I’m going to talk about a few handy tips and tricks for you to know and try out if you’re working at a publicity firm, or any firm at all. First off, DO NOT give out someone’s contact info unless you know who you’re talking to. This may seem intuitive but in the heat of the moment when the pressure’s on, you might slip up like I did and give out one of your very special clients’ phone numbers to a complete stranger just because he asked for it. The best thing is to not sweat it, but just know for the future that rushing into a relationship like that requires some knowledge about the opposing party, of course. SECOND, if you don’t know how to do something, ASK. If you have already asked seven times and don’t get it, ASK AGAIN. Fear of ASKING AGAIN makes you weak and feeble, and never gets the job done. THIRD, stick around five or ten or twenty minutes late every day and see what kind of impression that makes (ESPECIALLY if you’re bored and have nothing to do), usually there’s something that needs to be done that everyone managed to forget about, EXCEPT YOU (WINNING, right? are we still saying that?). FOURTH: down time? Make up your own projects, everyone will love that, ESPECIALLY YOU.

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Starting out at DL MEDIA

Part of the fun of working for/with/around musicians is having a soundtrack to your work schedule. As a musician, an internship with a jazz publicity agency in Bala Cynwyd was the perfect fit. Daily the air is filled with intricate notes and colors from as many instruments as you can name, and the search for great tunes and artists works as a hobby shared enthusiastically between employees, interns, and the founder, Don, alike. The company works with a wide variety of jazz musicans, labels, and independent artist to connect them with radio and TV stations for interviews and performances, music writers/reviewers, festival coordinators, booking agents, and any avenue fit to give the artist their due respect for the hard work they’ve done and continue to do. This gives me, and all other interns the golden opportunity to connect one-on-one with individuals involved in the music industry, and the chance to sharpen communication and strategy skills through experience. Not only did answering the phone provide that opening, but so did worth-while listening to co-workers talking to clients, editing for emails to radio personalities, and having organizational conferences with the boss. Hearing the words that allow for seamless communication in this never-asleep business was a valuable experience, because as a musician, I don’t have much time.

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Making it WORK at DL MEDIA

"logo attempt #21: stand-up bass player jazz"

Because this internship was not within my specified major for art direction, I had to set some goals for myself. Before leaving, I designed three new logos for the company and created a business card template, all just for fun and to inspire future interns, also leaving the ability to edit and perfect and expound upon the original pieces. I also managed to submit a three-song EP of my own “jazz” music that I recorded at home. I wanted to make sure that any intern following me, whether a creative individual or not, could see the potential for dynamic supplemental work and a self-designed role for the company, and any company for that matter as a creative individual. I have no doubts that if my next destination was NOT San Diego, I would try to continue working for DL Media to further share my thoughts and ideas about branding and working with music on an ever increasing, global level. For now though, my inspiration will have to do. I know I will be staying in contact with everyone that I worked with, because though my time at my internship was short, there were good people.

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MAY 19: The ADCP wants you to *EXPOSE* yourself.

Creative, exposed to a city filled with voyeuristic agencies.


Can you handle the truth about your art? Put it on display in front of critics that will play no favorites and spare no punches? There’s a harsh reality to this industry. Not everyone “has it.” Are you willing to lay it on the line, let your work speak for itself? No back stories, no “the client wanted us to do this, so we compromised.” Nada. Just stop talking.

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Graphic design at SA VA

Art Direction has always been my passion given that it presents a variety of fields one may choose to specialize in, be it film/video editing,graphic design etc.I have always had a passion for Art direction because I don’t get bored with work that involves using my creativity and imagination.With Art Direction,there is always something fun to do.Interning at SA VA fashion was an exciting and fun experience for me.I began my internship on the 19th of January and worked until the first week in April.At SA VA I interned as a graphic designer. I  have come a long way and learned a lot since then. Going into this internship I had a lot of expectations.I was also skeptical about fitting in because it was going to be the first time I had worked with a corporate firm and also for the fact that it wasn’t the typical graphic design company.However, when I started my internship everything seemed to work seamlessly. Some of my main job duties were designing marketing items such as posters,flyers and working on the web store photos. I had the opportunity to take photo-shoots of SA VA models and dressed mannequins which were placed on their web store.The photo-shoots were useful as it sharpened my experience with using professional cameras.  I had the liberty to incorporate my ideas to the work I did which was very important to me because I never felt limited.Most importantly, I was able to apply some of the things I had learned in class at my internship which I found fulfilling.

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Internship in fitness center

As a local fitness center intern, there were limited opportunities compared to working in an agency. Though I still had  a lot to learn.  The people who worked in the fintess center all had good personalities and they enjoyed getting along with people and the director was fully understanding the importance and the role of marketing and advertising.   The image is the work station I worked in, and most of the time, I created photoshop images for the monthly posters and sometimes flyers. Also, I was able to learn some information about SEO, while I was in this desk. The environment was very quiet and I was able to work and learn a lot from this desk, and for the past 4 months, it was a great experience working in the fitness club.

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MTV’s Lo Bosworth Interview!

February 17, 2011

Earlier this week at OK! Magazine, I got the pleasure of interviewing Lo Bosworth of MTV’s The Hills. Yes, I am a total MTV junkie and grew up on Laguna Beach so this was major for me. It was so nerve-racking coming up with the perfect questions that she would feel comfortable answering. Lo is promoting her new website and her for Valentine’s Day she is the spokeswoman for ATT’s “Shout Your Love” campaign. I asked questions about the ATT campaign, veered that into Valentines Day questions and that went smoothly into questions since her website covers relationships too. She was so sweet and easy to talk to. I was so nervous for awkward pauses or her not feeling comfortable answering something (her publicist was there too) but it went really well and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. You can check out my story here, it got published!

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Melissa Joan Hart Loves Breakfast!

March 8, 2011

One of the MAJOR perks to being here is all the cool people I get to meet and talk to . This morning I got to interview Melissa Joan Hart and talk to her about her campaign with Kellogs to try and get kids worldwide to start their day off with a nutritious breakfast. You may remember her from Clarissa explains it all, Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Melissa & Joey. Usually, when there is a celeb coming in for an interview, it’s not because OK! needs it, its because the celeb needs it. They are 99% of the time always promoting something and this essentially is free PR for them. Melissa was very down to earth and straightforward with all her answers, which really helped me out and made the interview really comfortable. My article is on the website here:

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One of my main jobs as an intern at Summerwood Corporation was to research the competitors’ current menu pricing. This involved traveling to the various stores in PA, DE, and NJ that are part of Summerwood.  In order to make wise pricing decisions (increase or decrease), the corporation had to be aware of the competitors’ pricing for combos, value meals, and beverages. The most effective way to gather such information was to take a picture of their drive thru menu board. At first, this task felt weird and it was uncomfortable getting all kinds of weird looks, but it was the easiest way of completing such task. After collecting the pictures for a certain location (I was in York, PA, Wilmington, DE, and Cherry Hill, NJ amongst others), an Excel spreadsheet would be created. This information was used when the marketing department had meetings about pricing to make the best possible decision. An image of a menu bord is provided under ‘Featured Image’ under “Gallery’.

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New Intern Excitement

Taking a quick snapshot in the work room of SA VA during my first day at the internship.

I think the most rewarding thing I gained from SA VA was the affirmation
that I can be successful as a designer. The fashion industry is something
that is extremely difficult to get into without proper connections, and even
someone who is talented can be overlooked in the over-saturated market.
The feeling that ran through my body as I first entered the elevator at
1700 Samson Street can only be described as electric. Each passing floor
brought me closer to my first look into the garment industry and each day
at SA VA brought me one step closer to realizing a lifelong dream.

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I Could Have Done So Much More If Mad Men Was On.

Michael Phelps listened to Lil’ Wayne before races during his record-setting 2008 Olympics.  Coaches will show clips of Rudy and Hoosiers and NFL Hall of Famer John Randle liked to get slapped in the face as hard as possible by an equipment manager.  There are many ways to hype yourself up for the job, to get yourself in the right mental state to do the things you need to do to succeed.  Sometimes all you got is a vague and abstract determination somewhere deep inside you and sometimes that’s all you need.

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Philadelphia Wings Public Relations

Everyone knows that the Wells Fargo Center is home to the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia, but did you also know that it is also home to the Philadelphia Wings, Philly’s professional lacrosse team? Maybe you already did, maybe you didn’t, but I know when I first started my internship I had no clue Philly even had a lacrosse team. Throughout the internship we were required to attend every Wings game to help with in-game promotions. I also help with in-game promotions for the Flyers and they are worlds apart.
Obviously the Wings are a much smaller team in comparison to the Flyers or Sixers so the way they interact with their fans is also drastically different. Each team stresses the importance of season ticket holders- no matter what sports team season ticket renewal is one their biggest forms of revenue. For the Flyers we would have a promotion hit called Renewal of the Game where a season ticket holder won a prize and got the chance to be on a jumbo tron. The Philadelphia Wings had a totally different approach. The season ticket holders for the Wings were known as Red Status. At certain games of the year groups of 50 or more would be taken out onto the field for pre-game introductions. Because the Wings are a much smaller team their interaction with fans can be much more personal.
After the Wings season ended in the beginning of April I was assigned the tasks of helping put a PR schedule together for the Wings. What I have been doing for the past month is scheduling events- mostly lacrosse tournaments, camps, or school appearances- for Mad Dog, their mascot, the Wings Angels dance team, or the players to attend. The local exposure all goes back to being a smaller market. We must advertise more personally to increase our reputation as much as we can. Typically the process of booking an event starts with contacting the director of a camp or tournament, and asking if it would be possible for us to have a presence at their event. Most tournaments are receptive, and waive vendor fees for us. Then comes the tricky part of making sure everyone’s schedules fit together. Often I will book more than one event for each day so their must be a constant communication between employees and directors of events.
At a tournament we provide our own table and tent. We bring ticket information, prize packs, and other Wings paraphernalia. Often the mascot comes for an hour to bring attention to our table, sometimes a Wings dancer comes to sign autographs, and often on special occasions especially on request players will attend camps. Everyone is really great about staffing the events.
The only really tricky part is keeping up with everyone’s schedules and making sure people are available- especially because I am only at the office three days a week. We try to book events months in advance so sometimes it gets confusing keeping up with everything. I think I’m really lucky because so far they have pretty much let me handle booking the events and getting everything organized on my own. It is a lot of good experience. As a matter of fact this weekend we will be in Radnor for a lacrosse tournament called the Katie Samson Festival, if you’re around you should come check it out.

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Live Nation: Behind the Scenes…

Currently I have an internship at Live Nation Philadelphia. I have been interning here since January 18th, and it has been an eye-opening and fun experience. Currently I am a marketing intern there, and I help organize all the different costs that go into marketing various shows hosted by Live Nation. The main venues that we cover for marketing expenses are Wells Fargo Center, Susquehanna Bank Center, Theater of Living Arts, Tower Theater, Borgata, and Festival Pier. One of the amazing perks of being an intern here is free concert tickets! There are certain concerts that are off limits such as Lady Gaga and Elton John, but even with those excluded it still leaves a ton of shows to venture to . This weekend on Saturday, I am going to the Travie McCoy concert at the Theater of Living Arts with my best friend. Some other events that I plan on going to in the upcoming months and summer are Lykke Li, Sade, Chelsea Handler comedy show, Rihanna’s Loud Tour, and the Roots Picnic. Only time will tell what other new things I will learn and experience while interning here!

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Complex Marketing Department at Comcast- Spectacor / Flyers Internship. What’s good.

Hi everyone!
My name is Ashley Kormos. I am a junior at Temple University and this semester I have started an internship with Comcast-Spectacor in their Complex Marketing Department. On the side I also do in-game promotions with the Philadelphia Flyers which is pretty cool, but not nearly as beneficial as my first internship. I started with Comcast-Spectacor the first week of January, and so far I am in love with it, but it definitely keeps you busy, to say the least. I am in the office from 9-4 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and also have Flyers games most Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. I must also be present at Philadelphia Wings games, usually on Saturdays or Sundays, as well also for in-game promotions. It is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.
I am an advertising major at Temple University so I am finding it very interesting to learn more about the public relations and marketing side of this company. Essentially the Complex Marketing Department acts as a full advertising agency for the Wells Fargo Center. Shows that are booked to perform at the arena either already have their marketing in place (this is more likely for concerts like Elton John or Lil’ Wayne) or ask us to market for them. When these shows ask us to market for them, someone from the Complex Media Department is assigned to either a marketing or public relation position for every show (this happens at the beginning of the show season- so in September right after the quieter months for the arena that happen in the summer.) This is where I have gained my most experience. This past month the big show that was being promoted at the Wells Fargo Center was the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I cannot tell you the countless cool things I got to do either volunteering at PR events, or even just being present at the shows- anything from watching clowns juggling on the top of the Comcast Center building to hanging out with John Bolaris during pre-show at the circus.
I do a lot of office work, but as the shows come closer, the more PR events are scheduled, and the more they need our help outside of the office. What I’ve learned so far is that interns are essential to the success of shows. Being in the office, one of the jobs that I’ve had to do is contact as many smaller or local publications I can to ask whether or not we can advertise with them only for trade (trade for tickets usually- dollar for dollar value) or if they would like to come and cover a PR event for an upcoming show. Free publicity is the best kind, and interns are very important in the process of making it happen. Even if it just showing up to PR events and helping direct media or passing out grassroots throughout the city- our help and exposure is pretty valuable. They hit a lot of their bigger audience through advertising on TV and in newspapers, but we are crucial to hit- home the idea of the show by reaching people on the streets.
It’s pretty cool to be so involved with the public relation events especially, because there are a lot of quick decisions to be made. Placement of a product or a good interview can make or break the publicity with media. That’s the other thing I learned- it is so good to volunteer at every event you can. These quick decisions cannot be taught in a classroom. Your presence is the only way to learn how to handle or hold your composure in situations. I really think I am learning a lot about the industry, and can’t wait to learn more. We have started the promotions for Sesame Street Live- Elmo’s Green Thumb this past week so I had to dress up like Cookie Monster for all our school/ daycare visits. And if you were watching any of the Sixers games- that was me too. They told me it was like earning my stripes…
Can’t wait to see what I get to do next!

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Yay! Summer Internship at Live Nation

So I have been interning in the marketing department at Live Nation this Spring semester, and I have really learned a lot. I didn’t realize how much goes into just producing one concert. I am really happy right now, because my boss offered me a summer internship! During the summer, Live Nation is the busiest because this is when a lot of shows go into production. I am looking forward to seeing a ton of concerts. A few shows that I will be going to are the Roots Picnic, Sade with my mom, and the Chelsea Handler comedy tour with my bestie. I am learning so much, and am very excited for this summer with Live Nation~

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Only the Beginning

As other interns are winding down at their places of work for the Spring semester, I was lucky enough to be asked to stay over the summer at mine- Temple’s Office of Sustainability and of course I accepted! I honestly believe that working there gave me insight into not only what it’s like working in an office and giving your client what they want, but I learned a great deal about myself. When I first was debating if I should take the job, having no experience with environmental studies or anything of that nature, I was very hesitant, but now after only been there a few months- I realized that it was the perfect place for me. I had judgments about it before I even knew what it would be like. And I seriously think that I would not have been able to find an office that is more open and excited about my work and presence there. I also find that working at the office was such a dynamic and evolving place, because I could work with any department. Working there also rocks my creative mind because I can take current negative events and turn them into an opportunity for my design. I am so happy to be able to work there this summer and I am also looking for places of work at advertising and design agencies to continue my experience and education in the advertising field.

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Why and how, advertising to “Tech Setters”

There is always some new kind of technology gadget coming out. Once you think you’ve gotten the best and newest gadget, another one comes out and tops it, much like when the IPad came out. Now consumers are running after the IPad 2 and sure enough another new gadget will prevail.  Companies like Apple, Verizon, and other top gadget creators would be smart to advertise to a consumer group that I like to call “Tech Setters.”

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3 Ways Women Influence Advertising


1. Most women are in control of finances and budgets
2. Women make majority of purchasing decisions
3. All targets can be reached through women

80% of all purchasing decisions are made by women (Buisness Week). In the household women are in control of where the money is spent and how much of it is spent. This is why advertisers have realized this is a strong target to market towards. In a household, mothers and wives are the outlet to all other family members. They make the purchases for their children and spouses, therefore influencing brand loyalty to the other family members. Studies have shown that what a child is raised on is what they will most likely purchase when it is time for them to start purchasing for themselves. Looking at the link provided, it will show how much control women have in making larger purchasing decisions. Now ask yourself; Why do you make the purchases you make? Is it because you just choose the brands you use, or is there someone in your life that has influenced your decisions. Most people would be able to answer with a woman in mind.

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