One of my main jobs as an intern at Summerwood Corporation was to research the competitors’ current menu pricing. This involved traveling to the various stores in PA, DE, and NJ that are part of Summerwood.  In order to make wise pricing decisions (increase or decrease), the corporation had to be aware of the competitors’ pricing for combos, value meals, and beverages. The most effective way to gather such information was to take a picture of their drive thru menu board. At first, this task felt weird and it was uncomfortable getting all kinds of weird looks, but it was the easiest way of completing such task. After collecting the pictures for a certain location (I was in York, PA, Wilmington, DE, and Cherry Hill, NJ amongst others), an Excel spreadsheet would be created. This information was used when the marketing department had meetings about pricing to make the best possible decision. An image of a menu bord is provided under ‘Featured Image’ under “Gallery’.

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