Take Advantage of Philadelphia!

Somewhere cool that I got to visit through my internship at Philly2night, was a quaint little restaurant set right in the heart of Queens Village in Philadelphia, called Village Belle. This place is filled with beautiful mahogany, antique lighting and comfortable seating. The chef, Louis Campanaro likes to draw inspirations for his food from bold flavors of the Mediterranean and tweaks his recipes based on the changing of the seasons.

When the internship director and myself went to visit this restaurant and get a story on it, Louis, the chef made us a secret recipe of his mothers homemade delicious meatballs. We got to go behind the scenes of the kitchen and watch his meatball masterpiece come to life right before our eyes. The smell was intoxicating. We filmed the whole process of Louis making the meatball to document on the website and couldn’t wait for the final results. Our stomachs were grumbling. When we finally got to taste the homemade meatballs, our mouths watered.

I liked this experience at my internship because it wasn’t what we normally do everyday. Normally, we stay inside of the office and find newsworthy things to write about from sources that we find on the internet but it is obviously much more fun to actually go out and see what there like first hand.

This internship definitely opened up my eyes to all of the amazing things that Philadelphia has to offer. Before taking this internship, I thought that Philly was boring and nothing cool happens here but now I know all of these fun things that are happening right here everyday. It’s sad to say that up until now, my junior year at Temple, I didn’t take advantage of all of the things that Philadelphia has to offer but now I’ve been much more active outside of the Temple community and it’s been awesome! So get out of Temple and head down to South Street or a cool new bar or just something random that is going on in Philadelphia because I know you will have a good time!

Meatballs at Village Belle <—-Check out the meatball making process! Mmmmm


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