Do’s & Don’t’s

Logo Attempt 99Today I’m going to talk about a few handy tips and tricks for you to know and try out if you’re working at a publicity firm, or any firm at all. First off, DO NOT give out someone’s contact info unless you know who you’re talking to. This may seem intuitive but in the heat of the moment when the pressure’s on, you might slip up like I did and give out one of your very special clients’ phone numbers to a complete stranger just because he asked for it. The best thing is to not sweat it, but just know for the future that rushing into a relationship like that requires some knowledge about the opposing party, of course. SECOND, if you don’t know how to do something, ASK. If you have already asked seven times and don’t get it, ASK AGAIN. Fear of ASKING AGAIN makes you weak and feeble, and never gets the job done. THIRD, stick around five or ten or twenty minutes late every day and see what kind of impression that makes (ESPECIALLY if you’re bored and have nothing to do), usually there’s something that needs to be done that everyone managed to forget about, EXCEPT YOU (WINNING, right? are we still saying that?). FOURTH: down time? Make up your own projects, everyone will love that, ESPECIALLY YOU.


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