Have an Open Mind and Something Good Will Come Out of It!

I intern at an Marketing and PR firm called Philly2night where they do promotional events and promotional material on the website for the companies that they sponsor. Philly2night knows whats going on in the city of Philadelphia and posts the news everyday on the website to keep its followers informed.

Originally, to start off my blog posts I wanted to express my overall feelings about interning at Philly2night and even though my feelings may have been a little negative, I don’t want it to seem like I didn’t enjoy my time working there. I just don’t believe that interning there will help me with my major in the future, but hey, it’s life, you live and you learn and I know I will find another internship before I graduate that will kick my butt and give me tons of hard work to do related to my major.

Even though it didn’t help me with my major, there were many good things that I got out of this internship still.  Something fun that myself and my internship director got to do was we would go on “video ventures”, where we would go out to restaurants and different places to take pictures and videos of the places that we visited. This was a nice change of scenery because we got to go out into the world and experience the places we write about first hand instead of staying cramped up in the office all of the time, writing article after article.

Something really cool that I got to do, which I would never choose to do on my own time was we went to the 2011 Philadelphia Auto Show. I’m not into cars what-so-ever, I couldn’t even tell you the difference between a Mustang and a Corvette but it was definitely an awesome experience. There were so many amazing cars at the auto show and we got to talk to some pretty cool people. So even though it’s not a place I would choose to go to, I’m really glad that this internship opened up my eyes to this.

What I learned from this internship was how you can’t judge a book by its cover. You just gotta go into things with an open mind and not be judgmental of the outcomes. Situations lead you into other situations which may be unexpected and those situations, in most cases, can surprisingly help you or benefit you in some kind of way in the future. If you can go into a situation with no boundaries and an open mind then I am sure you will get something good out of it no matter what!



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