Missing my internship already!


My internship with MayoSeitz Media ended on a very sweet note. To tell the truth I had the best ending possible! MayoSeitz’s Media owners Mr. Seitz and Mr. Mayo throw cinco de mayo parties every year and invite clients and vendors. During my last day I got to meet different clients and vendors that showed up to the Cinco de MayoSeitz party. Many vendors from CBS radio, Steen, Lamar, showed up in order to try to sell some stuff to the people at the office. Many of those account executives were there for about 30 minutes so the media planners and buyers could put a face to the voice. While meeting some clients and vendors some small talk had to be done just to break the ice and everything. They asked me about summer and fall plans so I proceeded to tell them about the internships I had lined up. Some seemed very impressed, and the others maybe just pretended to be. Throughout the day I got different business cards and numbers from the people that were interested the most. As I was getting business cards, I realized that although they were going to remember my name and face whenever I called them or communicated via Linkedin, it would be idea to have business cards with my basic contact information. Therefore, I orederd some business cards yesterday. Just thought it would be a good idea to have them because you never know who you will meet, or who that person knows!

My last day was honestly beyond special. I got to have incredible bonding sessions with the people that worked there and got to share really priceless moments throughout my internship at MayoSeitz Media. I will truly consider a career in Media Planning when I graduate. I was telling both owners about my summer plans and how this internship open an opportunity for one of the three internships I will be doing this summer.  I am going to miss driving to the internship and interactive with an incredible team. I will truly miss the amazing people at the office and how well they treated the whole time. Although it ended a couple of days ago I am still kind of sad about it.

Now, I will have a about a 10 day break and a new beginning all over again. I am extremely exited and ready for the new challenges. Thanks MayoSeitz for preparing me and teaching amazing values that I will never forget!

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