Gay Consumers Then and Now


I recently have taken a look into the gay consumers group and would like to discuss my findings with you. First of all, it seems many of the advertisements based on gay consumers are so stereotyped. While conducting my research I discovered the top products that are advertised to gay consumers are:

. Alcohol
. HIV Drugs
. Websites
. Clothing
. Travel Destinations

Advertising for gay consumers is also focused so much on sex:


Homosexuality is much more widely accepted and yet the gay community is still being marginalized by mainstream society.

“Gay, lesbians and transgender people are not homogenous – they fall into demographic, psychographic and social subgroups, as do all other consumers. They simplistic common difference (being gay) is no longer glue that binds.” -Anonymous

The main reason gays are being targeted for many of these products is the fact most gay couples don’t’ have families which leaves them with more leisure time and an expendable income. Yet, what about the younger gay demographic? While conducting my research I was looking for an advertisements that targeted this specific group. This McDonald’s ad  was really the only advertisement I found which made this connection I was looking for. Take a look:

McDonald\’s Ad

Conclusions from the ad:

–       Gay Adolescents want to be accepted by mainstream society.

–       It’s a feel good ad and obviously isn’t targeting the older gay demographic.

(What do you think?)


The New Gay Consumer:

The fact is, times are changing and more more gay couples are adopting children. The states that have legalized gay marriage in the U.S are:

–       Connecticut

–       Massachusetts

–       New Hampshire

–       Vermont

–       (Washington DC)

Companies should recognize this fact and gear more advertisements to the gay family.

Ikea has taken notice of this change:


The slogan reads, “We are open to all families.”

There are so many companies that can benefit finically from this change.

“Corporations that have demonstrated they value diversity and brands that have engaged in consumer dialogue that builds equity will succeed with both the gay and lesbian consumer segment and the increasingly diverse general marketplace” – Anonymous


-Bradshaw Wish







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