MAY 19: The ADCP wants you to *EXPOSE* yourself.

Creative, exposed to a city filled with voyeuristic agencies.


Can you handle the truth about your art? Put it on display in front of critics that will play no favorites and spare no punches? There’s a harsh reality to this industry. Not everyone “has it.” Are you willing to lay it on the line, let your work speak for itself? No back stories, no “the client wanted us to do this, so we compromised.” Nada. Just stop talking.

Your work
Their eyes
Their Accolades or Crushing Blows
Your Fragile Ego

Sound like a good time?
Exclusive portfolio reviews.
Come put your thing down.

Bring your friends, you might need the support.

Download the instructions for how to prepare and submit your work.

The top judged talent will join the review panel for the “best of the best” after party.

There’s criteria and specific detail on how to present your work.
Download instructions.

Register by May 13th to show your work or just join the party. All are invited.

MAY 19th
Wanamaker Building
11th floor

6:30 Doors open
6:30-7:30 Cocktail Mixer
7:30-9:00 CD’s review- everyone else enjoys the DJ, drinks, and food-more drinks and chatter
10-11 after hour mixer

*You MUST Register your work by Friday MAY 13th

Download the instructions for how to prepare and submit your work.

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