3, 2, 1 …. #BlastOff

As an Art Direction major, I never pictured myself interning as a copywriter.


Hey everyone! My name is Nora Kenney and I am a Senior Advertising student in the Art Direction track. I am currently interning at ChatterBlast Media (CBM), making me a Junior Blaster. ChatterBlast is a social media company helping brands tell their stories. CBM is located in Center City Philadelphia. My role as a Junior Blaster is to help the copywriting team with social content for CBM’s various clients. Therefore, I write a lot. My writing has already improved during these few short months.

As an Art Direction major, I never pictured myself interning as a copywriter. But I wanted an advertising internship different from my major. I am open to learning all that I can about the world of advertising. The more I know, the better my work can be.

This internship is introducing me to useful techniques that I have not learned during my time at Temple. For example, creating content calendars for social media has taught me a few things:

  • I don’t really enjoy Excel spreadsheets
  • I appreciate Twitter’s small character count
  • Hashtags are important
  • When in doubt, use a GIF

ChatterBlast’s atmosphere is fun, relaxed and creative. The whole CBM team is extremely friendly and down to earth. They make you feel comfortable to ask questions. I (hope) the other Junior Blasters and I will remain friends after the internship is over. Also, I am not sure if an “Internship 15” is a thing, but I definitely gained weight working here. There are irresistible snacks all over the office. And our favorite treats get put into a weekly rotation! Ugh.

Although I am loving this internship, I am ready to graduate.

P.S. 51 days until graduation!


  1. Hey Nora!

    I think it is very cool that you chose to go for a copywriting internship as an Art Director! I think it is brave that you chose to improve your writing skills with this experience. I know from my stand point as a fellow Art Director, copy is super difficult for me to understand, it is not how my brain works and I feel if you can understand both you are a much better candidate for any position. I need to work on my own skills as a writer and really respect your path. I’ve been writing a lot of emails at my own internship and find that even writing those can be a struggle! I bet that this experience will help you so much when looking for a job! And since I am graduating at the same time I am sure we can support each other through the job hunt! Good Luck with everything looking forward to seeing you at graduation!

  2. Hi Nora! I think it’s really cool you took an internship in a different track than your own. I’m sure it will help you a lot in the future, since you now have experience in another area of advertising. I love that you added when in doubt, use a Gif- I’ve learned that too in my experience.

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