30 Years of Outfitting Athletes, 4 Months of Interning

It has been my honor to be an intern at City Sports for the exciting time of the company’s 30th Anniversary. The marketing team has done a great job of event planning this month with training runs for Broad Street, release of Limited Edition 30th Anniversary City Sports Tees (Throwback 1983 Collection), and simple Birthday Cake cutting at Run Club. The company has partnered with New Balance to create a customized City Sports running sneaker and was featured in Sports Insight Magazine. City Sports has gone above and beyond in its outreach endeavors during this time as well.

Recently I had a very busy day serving as social media marketing and outreach intern in the morning over at Philadelphia Sports Club. There we held a Newton wear test event. While at the gym I was able to network with tech representatives and heads of PSC. At this event we had a table set up and assisted all who wanted to test run a pair of Newtons during their gym routine. I was able to have one-on-one discussions with PSC members regarding the technical information of the product and went into detail about company history of both City Sports and Newton Running.  It was important for us to highlight the fact that City Sports is the closest running store in the area that carries them.  Newton is one brand we carry that has technology and a feel unlike anything else on the market, so I was more than excited to share my love for them on this day.

crossfit 1

Later that evening I was put on site at the Art Museum. There I met with over 50 Cross Fit participants, had them sign waivers, and then provided support as they enjoyed our free 30th Anniversay Cross fit event, courtesy of trainers from “Crossfit Love”.  A partner from “PowerIce” also met with us and distributed free healthy electrolyte popsicles to everyone. I was able to connect with her while witnessing the sheer drive and determination of those working out and climbing the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, over and over again. I cheered them on and took photographs to be sent to our Corporate Headquarters in Boston. It was nice to be able to hear stories about how participants were just getting back into working out after time off and of how they just ran the most they had in years. Participants were eager for similar upcoming events and expressed their gratitude to us for hosting it. For each participant City Sports then donated $5 to The One Fund, in honor of those impacted by the recent tragedy in Boston, the city through which City Sports is based.

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Although this was one of my last endeavors as intern with the company, I hope to continue to have the privilege of helping with this kind of outreach. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent on these events during the last 4 months and the experience has allowed me to picture myself enjoying a future career in Sports Advertising. I am quite thankful that my internship has introduced me to some potentially pivotal connections in that industry as well.

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