3D Street Art Impressions

3D Street Art is highly impressive. I stumbled upon these fantastic images of 3D street art the other day:

Click through for more 3D epicness: https://www.womansday.com/Articles/Family-Lifestyle/Thrilling-3D-Street-Art.html

Beautiful pieces of art, they are impressive. 3D Street Art used for Advertisement is even MORE impressive. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to look up what companies have used 3D Street Art in their advertising. Blur, a new racing video game, is really ramping up their campaigns. People even love to interact with the murals, posting their photos to Twitter and Facebook – can you say free viral?

More here: https://freshome.com/2010/06/03/get-in-the-game-beautiful-3d-promotional-street-art/

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