A 9 to 5 Surprise (actually, I only work 9 to 2)

Our office kind of looked like the ending of "E.T." for a few weeks.
Our office kind of looked like the ending of “E.T.” for a few weeks.


Obviously for an internship, your hours aren’t going to be the same as your full-time job. I work downtown at ChatterBlast and one of the first things they asked us – even before our orientation day – was what kind of schedule we’d like and our vacation plans. My only experience before this was for a designer, where there was no set schedule and I’d come in with night-before notice. So not only was a set schedule really refreshing so I wasn’t always on-call, but it was surprising to see how a more concrete business position actually works, partly based on my past experience but mostly because of what it had been like growing up. Both of my parents were successful with what they did so, until I actually saw other people at work, the idea of a job actually lasting from roughly nine to five seemed incredibly dated; I’d always been around a more eight to eight work flow and thought that that is how most businesses are run today. It’s nice that a career can be something that isn’t a chore and doesn’t make you come home hating life! This isn’t to say that people at ChatterBlast don’t work hard because the opposite is definitely true and everyone always has something to be doing, but seeing that life can be separated into different section with work being just one part of your day is really reassuring. It makes me see a different kind of adult life where you can still be successful and passionate without giving up the other things you like to do – even though I usually choose to finish up work and stay half an hour later than I’m scheduled for.

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