A Blog About A Blog

What better way to intrigue all you bloggers than to talk about…a blog!? That’s what I thought. Regardless of irony, it’s something that I really want to share. Brownstein, like many companies has… a blog. Unlike the others, however, it is not all about the agency- each and every member of the agency take turns in expressing their thoughts and interests on almost any fun topic, especially current advertising. It not only sparks new interests and knowledge, but it reflects the diversity of the agency…and I love it!
Posts can range from anything from social media to cooky furniture, and everything in between. Through the blog I’ve learned about a street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, who’s odd life has been documented and is now showing at the Ritz in Old City. I find this shared interest refreshing- the agency isn’t trying to persuade, sell or promote. They are simply sharing. I think this is smart and unique because it reminds the viewer that Brownstein isn’t just an agency, but a group of real people. Make sure to check it out on their site.

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