A Boat Party in the City

I’m in my second month interning at Weber Shandwick in Baltimore (Advertising) and the general atmosphere is pretty light. Dress is casual/business casualish, pretty much jeans and t-shirts are fine but we usually draw the line at spaghetti straps. The office is freezing though so everyone has a sweater, blanket or snuggie at their desk regardless. There was a dog in here just hanging out last week, my coworkers routinely have lightsaber battles toward the end of the day. Most of my coworkers are between the ages of 22 and 30. I’m the youngest (21).
Recently we had an event in which we dressed in nautical gear (most people interpreted that as meaning dress like you live in Maine and own a yacht) and we raced toy boats in the fountain behind the office. We stopped the workday at 4 and everyone, bosses included, went outside where we commenced with the festivities. One of the bosses decided to not be on anyone’s team and just use his boat to crash into everyone else’s boat. Staff bonding.
Office Party

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