A Busy, Writing Worker Bee

Visit Philadelphia is not an agency. They are the client-side of the advertising world and, because of that, most of their creative is outsourced to Red Tettemer. That means that while I have so far gotten a great deal of experience on both the business and strategy aspects of the industry, I haven’t gotten to dig into much creative work.

That is, until now.

My supervisor (a very data-oriented, analytical mind) knew that I have an interest in copywriting, and decided to give me a chance to develop those skills a bit. She went to a few different people and departments around the office and found some really exciting projects for me to work on.

It’s encouraging to find that when you work hard, people are willing to give you a chance to do what you’re passionate about. But it’s important to keep in mind that that can only happen if you first tell them what you’re passionate about.

I’m so glad that I was open about my interests in copywriting because now, I’m drafting up a variety of tweets and Facebook posts to pitch to our social media team to use for key events throughout the summer. I’m also writing actual copy for our summer Phillyosophy campaign that our Director of Creative Services will mock up into ads for my portfolio. All of this is coming with valuable criticisms and experience along the way, to help me grow as an aspiring writer.

In addition to all that, I’m still working on wrap-up reports for different campaigns of Visit Philly, researching potential lifestyle advertising techniques that we could take advantage of, and other projects from different realms of the business. It’s exciting to get such a wide-ranging view of the advertising world. Now, only a few weeks away from the end of my internship, that’s what I’m most grateful for from Visit Philly. I’ve worked with Google Analytics, I’ve critiqued the media plan, I’ve watched as our Partnerships team tries to balance the marketing needs of all our different partners in the city. And now I’m also working on some content creation.

I like nothing less than being bored and unchallenged. With all of these projects piling on at Visit Philly, I definitely keep busy the entire time I’m in the office. My curiosity is being fed. So I guess I’m feeling pretty good right about now.


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