A Change of Heart




Being a circulation intern at Philadelphia Magazine has taught me a lot about myself, the advertising world, and other people. For awhile I was very skeptical about the internship that I had. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Even if you are not too keen on the work that you are doing, IT IS AN INTERNSHIP! Anywhere you start is a good foot in the door! I took this advice from the people around me and decided that I needed to go take advantage of this opportunity, instead of dwell on the un-related work that I was doing.

Even though I was in a department that I wasn’t necessarily doing advertising work in, I decided to go over to the marketing and advertising department. I met a lot of great people and asked if they needed help on certain projects. This got them to know who I was and that I was determined to succeed in something that I wanted to do. When I was done with my work in the circulation department, I would walk over and see if they needed help with anything. Even though you are in one place, you can always venture to meet new people. It was a great networking opportunity.

Because I made myself known in somewhere I wanted to be, I was recommended to the main Marketing Sales coordinator and recently emailed by her for an interview. As I went in for my interview, she didn’t even interview me, she just asked when I was available to come in next semester! I have recently been asked to do another Philadelphia Wedding event for the spring (the last event was one of the best experiences I had), and I am excited to take upon the next step of my career.

If I could give advice to a younger advertising major looking into internships, I would say to take what is offered to you. Even though you might not necessarily like what you are doing, there are people in other departments that can really help you out. Also, making a great group of networks is really beneficial. Not only did I make an impression on my own department, but the department where I am interested in now wants me to be their intern. People always have to start somewhere, and this was an excellent experience for me.

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