A Day of Kindness


When I was first hired at Lunchbox Communications I expected to perform the typical duties of a copywriter/social media intern. However, I knew that because it’s such a small team, I’d probably have to perform other tasks as well. What I didn’t know was that I would end up helping plan a whole event, which included creating and updating social media channels, writing the copy for the website, producing flyers and handouts, organizing small events to prepare for the big event, contacting local businesses and museums to hold these small events, etc. All of this, and this internship in general, made me realize that in an agency setting, every single person is extremely important—even the social media intern.

This big event that I’m talking about is A Day of Kindness, which was a month-long initiative to inspire more kindness in the City of Brotherly Love. It was created as an opportunity for people to make a difference, change a life, or simply brighten someone else’s day. Over the course of September and October, thousands of people all over Philadelphia and the suburbs stood up for kindness by attending flag-making stations, where they made flags with wishes of kindness to be hung at a public art installation in City Hall. Finally, on October 27, my team, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia, the Tibetan community and the city’s Mural Arts Program, spent all day stringing and hanging the flags for the art installation. We were able to get together over 5,000 flags that now hang in the courtyard at City Hall.

Even though this event involved a lot of hard work, very busy days at the office, and even many weekend flag-making stations, it was all worth it to me when I saw those flags hanging, with messages that spread the kindness and good vibes that the whole world needs right now.

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