I spent the past months interning at Philadelphia’a “Great Big Digital Agency.” Sitting here and typing, I really don’t think any amount of words can accurately depict my incredible experience at Great Big Digital. So, instead I’d like to write about what I learned.

Learning at work is such a valuable part of the experience. Sitting in an office, filling out paperwork, becoming a business robot…that’s not the life I want. I worried, before my internship began, that advertising may look fun on the outside and in class, but is actually bland and boring in practice. How wrong! I became a stronger writer during my time at Great Big Digital. I learned some basic HTML coding, I learned how to use advertising tools like Google Adwords, and learned to analyze advertising and advertiser data. I wasn’t a cog in the machine; I was the machine. Being able to do everything, and learning more and more as I go… that’s the type of career upon which I want to embark, and that is what I learned to love and appreciate while interning at Great Big Digital.

I consider my time at Great Big Digital to be the start of my career in advertising. I affirmed that I love the industry, and I learned that I love to learn. I want to continue to put myself in the position to expand my knowledge and skillset throughout my career; I want to continue working hard and I want to become the best employee for whomever I work. In the end, however, life is more than work, and work is insignificant in life. Working at Great Big Digital felt like living, rather than work. It’s tough to see the difference, as work is a quintessential part of life, but there is a difference. I want my career to be about living rather than working. That realization is the most important lesson of the many I received at Great Big Digital, and I look forward to my career of living.