A Learning Experience

As the semester is coming to an end, and my time at Focus Point Global is coming to a close, I’m confident in moving on to new opportunities and taking with me everything that the company has taught me. As my Grassroots Recruiting Task required working mostly outside the facility, in order to effectively work as a recruiter, I had to be in touch with different groups of people. This was the first and very important task that I had to undertake because it helped me connect too well with the outside world.

I have to say that this internship helped not only my professional skills, but also my language and public communications skills. It taught me how to engage more with the outside world and to get to know places that I have not been before. Working at Focus Pointe Global has taught me that thinking outside the box helps you a lot into having new ideas every day. In a marketing business as this, it is very important to brainstorm a lot and there is always something new we can learn and try.

I am constantly encouraged to brainstorm, try a new approach, and research anything and everything. In this internship I learned that in order to be successful you have to be someone who isn’t afraid to spend time learning every little detail about a project and constantly trying to use new ideas. I also learned that this business plan is like connecting the dots; they all have to be in the same direction in order to create a straight line.  Thus, to me each department is like a dot that does its particular job and if one department does not perform thoroughly there is not going to be a straight line to success.

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