A Material Girl, In A Digital World

I am about two months in to my internship at 4wholeness.com, a website for women with breast cancer who are looking for different treatment options as well as support. It’s kind of an off the beat and path internship. My major is Advertising and I am in the creative track. At first, I thought this internship wouldn’t teach me very much. But it has really helped me develop my web and social media skills. In many of my classes we work mostly on print options or just do mock ups of online advertising. But in my internship I am able to actually create things that are published on the web. I am starting to learn code which is amazing! I definitely recommend any Advertising student in the creative track to work on learning code. The world is going digital and we need to catch up. I have worked on email newsletters as well as updating the site. I am learning so many online programs and they are becoming second nature to me. It has been a great opportunity. We recently launched a small social media contest. We created images and text dealing with food to get people to sign up for their new healthy recipe newsletter. By signing up people are entering to possibly win a free cookbook as well as receive new recipes every month.

TrufflesSmoothieGluten Free Blueberry MuffinsGingeraleCardamom MacaroonsGazpacho


These are some of the images we created for social media. The campaign is a test to see if we can get more traffic on mail chimp. With each image there is a link to sign up as well as some really fun copy. We are hoping this campaign is a success and soon we will be focusing on creating ads to be placed across the Denver, Colorado area as they are a large part of our target market. Overall I am gaining a lot of experience and hope to keep learning and improving my skill set.




Kathleen Smith

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