A New Beginning

Hi there my name is Katherine Caceres and I have started interning at the World Affairs Council in Center City Philadelphia. I have only been an intern for a couple of weeks now but  I really enjoy going into the office. I found this wonderful internship via the portal that the Fox School of Business has provided its students. Interning for the World Affairs Council has taught me a lot of responsibility. It has somewhat taught me what the real world will be like. I have to act professionally and dress the part as well. It has taught me also to be confident in my work and to not be afraid to ask questions. I am determined to excel in any assignment that I am given and to have other employees come to me when they need help. A positive aspect of the business that I discovered through my work at the World Affairs Council is that I have learned time management and how to work efficiently and effectively. An aspect of interning at the World Affairs Council is that it is mandatory to attend all speaking events therefore I have sat through various inspirational world leaders that have motivated me. This experience so far is everything that I want it to be. I have learned a lot about myself. Since I am so new to the internship I have yet done anything that I regret. I really have been trying hard in the working environment. By interning at the World Affairs Council I learned that it is okay to make mistakes but if I am unsure of anything that I should not be afraid to ask. I learned that an office should be comfortable for the employees and everybody should be comfortable with each other and it is important to work in a great working environment which the World Affairs Council is.

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