A new experience at FPG

My name is Juna Kika. I’m a junior at Temple University studying Advertising! I am currently the Marketing Intern over at Focus Pointe Global in Center City. Focus Pointe Global is a national marketing research company that offers internship programs established with the purpose to expose students to the real working environment.  By bringing in new consumers our studies can be filled for our clients and in this way we can boost our database. My position is called the Grassroots Recruiting Task, in which I get to work outside the facility. My job is to build the database and recruit individuals to participate in focus groups.

The relationship of my position to the overall functioning at Focus Pointe Global is to build the database. The database is integral to the success of the operation of the company at large. In truth it is the foundation of the company’s success. The company recruits individuals to participate in focus groups, and without a robust database they are unable to fill the groups.

Recruiting is the most important aspect of the company. If the recruiting department is able to find the people they need to meet the requirements of the client for a particular focus group, then the group will be a success. My task is to find a specific target of people and to be able to make them participate in different focus groups, for which they can get paid for just voicing their opinion. Luckily this internship also relates to my past professional experiences, in which I was able to manage and organize a business campaign. In my previous internship, I got to manage social media advertising such as Facebook and Twitter, and also distributed invitations to introduce the business that I was promoting. My current internship relates so much to what I did in my previous internship because in this facility I get to do relatively the same things, such as distributing business cards to different people and update fans through social media about what is happening at the facility. I also have to be able to get new fans, and make respondents participate.

What has evolved over the first weeks of the internship is that I feel more confident and knowledgeable about what I am doing. First, I was not quite sure what exactly I had to do; but over time, I got to learn the projects and setting up locations helped me a lot in evolving my recruiting skills. I get to meet people every-day and am able to explain to them what our facility does and what they get in return. Hopefully, my marketing skills that I am gaining from this current internship will help me find a paid job in the future in which I get to show my skills.

My overall impression of the internship is really good thus far. I like the job that I do and it is helping not only my professional skills, but also my language and public communications skills. This internship has taught me how to engage more with the outside world and to get to know places that I have not been before.


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