A Problem Cannot Be Solved Using The Same Thinking That Created It.

I am working for Prossimo LLC as an intern this school semester.

I am working for Prossimo LLC as an intern this school semester. This experience has taught me a lot about the consulting industry. For one, being a consultant is NOT EASY, but incredibly valuable for independence and having a liking for business operations. A particular specialty within the field that has many positive aspects within consulting is the ability to interact with top talent. There is always a demand for business consultants as most businesses need professionals that understand needs and can fit time into projects.

The owner of Prossimo, Jim, has inspired me in the way that there is always diversity and change within this workplace. People are able to use communication and quality concerns in order to challenge business problems. My experience as an intern is not different than what I thought it would be, but even more interesting. It’s intriguing because every week there is a new project for me and research where I can find information that is needed and present it to Jim and his coworker. It gives me an opportunity to see what businesses look for and how the information I provide can be beneficial or even a concern that could be looked at more in-depth.

My advice for future interns is to work with a company that you may never see yourself going into. I never would have found myself so intrigued with consulting, but the experience I found when researching work and being given advice makes me want to look more into the industry since I know that I am strong enough to encounter any problem or project with confidence. I have gained a major level of understanding that when finding a job, you can only be successful if you put the time forth. There is never a similar project and the business industry is always changing, so this provides an opportunity for people to work closely with diverse teams and broaden their technical background.

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