A Slapshot at the Entertainment Industry


This past semester, I received a crash course in the sports and entertainment industry through my internship with Comcast-Spectacor at the Wells Fargo Center. I interned with the Group Sales/Event Services department where I had an array of tasks, from giving tours of the Wells Fargo Center, to executing direct mailers for upcoming events. Being in the sports and entertainment industry, I of course had the opportunity work these events, and experience them first hand. One of the most excited was the Flyers home opener.

Prior to the Philadelphia Flyers home opener; there was a Flyers Happy Hour in one of the arena restaurants. I was given the fun task of taking pictures of the guests in the press conference area, before they headed into the restaurant. During the event there was a raffle where lucky winners received signed Flyers memorabilia, and I was able to take pictures of the winners with their prize and Flyers alumni. After the happy hour, I was able to see the grand production for the home opener. Admittedly, I am not an avid Flyers or hockey fan; however, it was an amazing site to see over 19,000 enthusiastic fans cheering in an arena that bled orange and black!

Since the home opener, I have worked numerous Flyers games and concerts. One thing I have learned is that I definitely want to pursue a career in sports and entertainment. I learned details of the planning process to execute these events, from meeting with concert promoters and planning certain marketing needs, to learning the settlement process after an event. After observing the planning process leading up to these euphoric events, I realized that I want to be a part of that process. The fast-paced lifestyle, along with knowing the great experience you provided for thousands of people, reinforces my determination to purse the entertainment industry.


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  1. It’s cool you realized you want to pursue a career in sports and entertainment. That definitely seems like an exciting aspect of marketing and advertising. I have always wondered what that experience is like, so thanks for posting!

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